Friday, May 31, 2013

Google CCT Map Project


Several years ago, I promised Don Nierlich that I would carry on his dream of improving Coastwalk's Online California Coastal Trail (CCT) Maps. Almost 500 detailed maps had been created, identifying the locations of public access points for the CCT, and including photos and information related to public amenities. Visually stunning at the time of their development, current challenges are to add more content, improve their quality, and make them more accessible online.

Innovations by Google in Google Maps and Google Earth have provided an opportunity to link our map database to customized presentations residing on our website and blogs, and to utilize the information within our current program to support the California Coastal Trail Association.  Using the public access points as the online homes of important content all along the Trail, we can support the efforts of CCT activists in local government, Coastwalk California chapters, and the general public.

The Prezi embedded below describes the online architecture of our initial structure of the data and its presentations.  We encourage your thoughts through this post's comments feature on how we might improve the project's design.

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